Snapshot: Large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs) in Asia

2022-08-03 Asia

Landlessness and lack of secure access to and tenure over land, water, and forest resources have been identified as one of the priority issues by many farmer organisations in Asia. As this continues to be a major problem for small-scale farmers, LSLAs have become a serious threat to their livelihoods. LSLAs are often shrouded in mystery, which can allow powerful officials, companies, and individuals to enrich themselves at the expense of the local population, including families of farmers, fishers, forest users and dwellers, indigenous peoples, pastoralists, and herders.

As the regional focal point of the Land Matrix Initiative (LMI) in Asia, the Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development continues to collect information on LSLAs. As of April 2022, the database has recorded 1,009 LSLAs, most of which are concentrated in Southeast Asia, where there are numerous plantations for food and non-food agricultural commodities. To find out about the distribution and nature of these deals, download our report here >>

If you would like to report an LSLA in your area or to get involved in this initiative, please connect with us through email at

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