Despite our efforts, our dataset remains incomplete. Not only is data constantly evolving, but verifying basic data (such as deal size, location, investors involved, and terms of the lease agreement or contract) can be challenging, with different sources providing conflicting information. In fact, even the very existence of a deal is sometimes difficult to prove. The opaque nature of land acquisitions imposes certain limits on the data-gathering process. Find out more about these limitations in our frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Do you have information about land deals in your country that we can add to our database? Can you confirm or update information we already have? You can help us make the Land Matrix more accurate and comprehensive by adding a deal, providing feedback on existing data, or contacting us with any other queries or suggestions.

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Give us feedback

Help us improve and enrich the data with your contribution! You can add a new deal, or help find more information, particularly on the following aspects:

  • Investor information
  • Contract size
  • Production size
  • Crops/animal information
  • Data sources
  • Negotiation and implementation status
  • Processing activities
  • Water use
  • Former legal owner of the land
  • Community participation in the pre-contract negotiations
  • Remuneration received by communities
  • Anticipated benefits and real benefits for the community
  • Foreign and local recruitment (forecast and actual)

Add a deal

The data represented in the Land Matrix is constantly evolving. Your participation is essential to make this resource more accurate and comprehensive. You can do that by reporting details on a deal through this platform, whether it be for a single deal or a whole dataset of deals. Once we have received and verified the information, we will publish it in the database.

To ensure quality and prevent duplications, a deal has to have information on the following minimum criteria in order to be added to the database:

  • Location: At least the country of the potential land acquisition
  • Investor name: At least the name of one investor
  • Data source: At least one data source has to be provided
  • Deal size: At least one size variable

If any one of these is not provided, the deal will be stored in the database for further research but not shown on the public interface.

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