Policy brief: Making land-based investments work for communities in Tanzania

Authors: Masalu Luhula, Godfrey Massay, Naomi Shadrack, Zakaria Faustin, Sophia Masuka and Emmanuel Sulle

Published: 2019

Source: Tanzania Natural Resource Forum

Tanzanian policy makers have an opportunity to spearhead the implementation of the country’s industrialisation agenda through integrated and people-centred land-based investments. In a country where most people depend on land to derive their daily subsistence, it is critical that legitimate land owners are given a central focus in land-based investments that include but are not limited to agriculture, livestock keeping, tourism, and forestry. Evidence shows that existing large-scale land-based investment in many places in the country either marginalise or exclude small producers, particularly women. Small producers are often less engaged in designing, implementing and monitoring land-based investments. Current arrangements on compensation and benefit-sharing from land investment further marginalise communities who give up their land for the development of such investments. This policy brief provides key messages, updates the state of land-based investments in the country, and makes recommendations to make the sector viable and beneficial for diverse community groups. >> READ MORE

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