Land inequality and economic growth: A meta-analysis

Authors: Maria Cipollina, Nadia Cuffaro and Giovanna D’Agostino

Published: 2018

Source: Sustainability, MDPI

Increasing commercial pressure on land may lead to land concentration in developing countries, especially in the context of complex systems of property rights. In this article we review through meta-analysis (MA) the econometric findings of the literature estimating the nexus between land inequality and economic growth. In particular, our MA controls for various features of the studies and for the so-called “publication bias”, and shows that land-inequality negatively affects economic growth, especially at low development levels. Analysis based on panel data, which generally imply a relatively short run perspective, typically report a lower or positive correlation between land inequality and growth, suggesting that the negative impact of land inequality emerges in the long run, possibly through credit constraints and institutional mechanisms. View full text

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