Land contamination as a result of Russia's aggression against Ukraine

Russia's war against Ukraine has provoked widespread and long-term degradation of the environment, including the soil ecosystem. Mined areas, shelling craters, landslides, destroyed military equipment in the fields, and more are all signals of serious soil disturbances with devastating consequences for both soil and human health. Without proper restoration, damaged land will lose its fertile properties and ability to regenerate itself. However, chemical contamination and the risks of growing toxic products generally call into question the safety of using such land. Although it is currently impossible to assess the extent of the damage to soil resources, it is already clear that the duration and intensity of the hostilities are crucial to the significant deterioration of the environmental situation. The longer the hostilities last, the more damage will be done to the environment and, in particular, to soil.

This study examines in detail the impact of military activities on the state of Ukrainian soils and, using the example of two communities in Kharkiv and Donetsk regions, proposes an approach to assessing and restoring damaged land.

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