Building together a Global Land Agenda high level event

2023-10-11 Global

If we want to achieve the SDGs, beat inequality, hunger and confront the climate crisis, the world needs to do more to secure land tenure and enhance access to land. If we want to achieve systemic change, we need to do it urgently and we need to do it more collaboratively. Unfortunately, evidence shows little progress against the SDG targets related to land and global development objectives depend, in one way or another, on secure land tenure for all.

The case for global action to secure land tenure rights and improve overall governance is clear and compelling while the cost of not acting now or delaying action will be excessively detrimental. Hence, on Monday 23 October from 2pm to 5pm (CET), at the onset of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS-51), an event is being organized to bring together a broad panel of actors, including selected country government representatives, civil society, social movements, and UN organizations are meeting to jointly reflect on how to streamline and put land back high on the political agenda.

This is an open and public hybrid event. For those able to come in person (based on limited capacity), the meeting will be held in the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD’s Italian room), in Rome, Italy.

If you are joining virtually, here is the link to register:

Simultaneous translations for French, Spanish, Portuguese and English will be provided.

Read the concept note here.

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