Online course: Land grabbing and its responses

March 12th, 2020

This online course, offered by AGTER in association with the International Land Coalition, aims to provide tools with which to analyse the phenomena of land grabbing in the world, understanding its nature and working together to build responses to the threat they pose.

The course is open to members of farmers' organisations and civil society, development professionals, researchers, journalists, students, and any other interested parties. It seeks to bring together actors from various origins whose experiences, exchanged through the proposed analysis framework, are an additional guarantee of strengthening the participants' analytical and action capacities. This training was designed for a wide audience, mainly members of peasant organisations and civil society, development professionals (NGOs, ministries, development agencies, independent consultants), as well as researchers, students and journalists. The course is given over a one-month period. It consists of three one-week modules each devoted respectively to understanding, analysing and responding to land grabbing, then a week-long sequence devoted to the tutored finalisation of the case studies:

Date: 27 April - 26 May 2020

Registration deadline: 29 March 2020


  1. Ability to devote 10 hours per week to the course.
  2. Access to a stable internet connection and the possibility to receive and send documents in .doc and .pdf format as well as comments and questions by email.

For more details about the course, including costs and how to apply, click here.

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