Land monitoring in the semi-arid regions of Latin America: LM welcomes Semiaridos new website

August 8th, 2016

There is an important relationship between the semi-arid areas of Latin America and the Caribbean and land grabbing. 

In order to increase the visibility and the access to information on semi-arid regions, Plataforma Semiaridos America Latina (Semiaridos) revamped its website:

Semiaridos, which uses Land Matrix data, is an initiative boosted by the International Land Coalition, one of the partners of Land Matrix

The website seeks to give visibility to the issues semi-arid areas of Latin America (semi-arid Chaco in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay, the semi-arid area in the Brazilian Northeast, the states of Lara and Falcon in Venezuela and the corridor Seco in Central America) face, namely access to and management of land, water and other resources by peasant families and indigenous communities, and to strengthen the advocacy efforts of civil society. 

The new website Semiaridos

The Platform is using Land Matrix data to understand whether concentration of land, loss of diversity of production systems, and the expansion of the agricultural frontier are particularly pronounced in these large areas of the Americas. 

In the new website, launched on 8 August 2016, visitors can discover the Semiaridos platform and its work. Above all, they can freely access data about the semi-arid regions, follow news of the topic and better understand the issues of semi-arid lands thanks to maps, photos and videos. 

For an easier and wider access, the website, currently in Spanish, will be soon translated into Portuguese and English. 
To discover the new website visit: 

For more information on the work of Land Matrix in Latin America and the Caribbean watch the presentation “Land Matrix Punto Focal América Latina” (in Spanish)

Media enquiries can be directed to: