International Land Coalition webinar series

April 9th, 2020

The International Land Coalition (ILC), a dynamic learning network rich in expertise and know-how, will be running a series of free webinars throughout the year providing an opportunity to learn from its members on the topics that matter most. Upcoming webinars from April to June include:

  • Land rights and the SDGs: Why reporting matters and how to do it
  • Women's land rights matter
  • The challenge of protecting community land rights when investors and government seek community land
  • Learning LANDex: How to generate people-centred data and report on the SDGs

Land rights and the SDGs.png

This webinar aims to: (1) promote understanding of the role CSOs can play in monitoring the progress of SDG land targets; (2) Introduce formats developed by the SDG Land Momentum Group on parallel reporting to ILC members and the land community; (3) Encourage CSOs and other stakeholders to report on progress on the implementation of SDG land targets.

When: 22 April at 14h00 (CEST)
Target audience: ILC members, civil society and any other stakeholders interested in SDG reporting

What you will learn:

  1. Why it is important for CSOs to report on progress of the 2030 SDG agenda.
  2. Ways that CSOs and other stakeholders can report on progress of SDG land targets.
  3. How CSO reporting have contributed to advocacy so far.

Moderator: Rukshana Nanayakkara - Global Policy and Advocacy Expert, ILC


  • Rueben Lifuka - Transparency International
  • Diana Fletschner - Landesa
  • Eva Hershaw - ILC
  • Jimmy Ochom - Oxfam Uganda

Women's land rights.png

The webinar aims to position ILC WLR platforms in the process towards Beijing+25. It will help find linkages and boost collaboration among regional and global CBIs, and other stakeholders.

When: 29 April at 14h00 (CEST)
Target audience: CBI 4 platform members, women organisations in general (members and non-members) including potential stakeholders and other organisations with an interest in this area of work.

What you will learn:

  1. How to work together to make sure that Women’s Land Rights matter in the Beijing+25 process.
  2. What ILC initiatives on Women Land Rights are doing around the world and how they can be useful for your organisation and communities.
  3. Good practices and other strategies employed by ILC members to secure women's land rights.

Moderator: Cristina Timponi Cambiaghi - Thematic Coordination Manager, ILC


  • Patricia Chaves - Focal Point, ESPAÇO FEMINISTA
  • Ana Maria Restrepo - CBI 4 LAC Focal Point, CINEP
  • Esther Muiru - Women's Land Rights, ILC
  • TBC - Kafui Kuwonu, WILDAF

Protecting community land rights.png

Following the publication of The Challenge of Protecting Community Land Rights: An Investigation into Community Responses to Requests for Land and Resources by NAMATI, this webinar aims to introduce the complexities of how best to support communities to authentically decide whether or not they will share their lands with government agencies, international investors, and national elites. It will also identify the ways in which powerful actors fail to get genuine FPIC, and explore strategies to ensure against bad faith land claims by those with power, money, and access to state force.

When: 13 May at 14h00 (CEST)
Target audience: Community members, community land rights advocates, land rights lawyers, funders, policymakers, investors, government officials.

What you will learn:

  1. The power and information asymmetries that communities face when approached by investors and government officials seeking land.
  2. What often happens when communities try to demand that their rights are respected, with case study examples.
  3. Actions that local, national and global actors might take to address these challenges, including specific strategies to support communities to either reject unwanted land requests or negotiate fair deals with potential investors that lead to authentic community prosperity.


Join a conversation with the researchers and program directors who contributed to the investigation:

  • Rachael Knight - formerly NAMATI/now IIED
  • Teresa Eilu - formerly LEMU (Uganda)
  • Ali Kaba - SDI (Liberia)
  • Nelson Alfredo - CTV (Mozambique)

Learning LANDex.png

In this webinar, we offer an introduction to the LANDex tool and an overview on how to implement it at the national level, according to organization priorities and capacities. It will show how LANDex can be used to monitor the VGGTs, SDGs and will include concrete results and sample products and outputs from countries that have implemented LANDex, including sample SDG Shadow Reports.

When: 10 June at 14h00 (CEST)
Target audience: English-speaking ILC members and any organisation with an interest in building land monitoring capacity and using people-centred data in their work.

What you will learn:

  1. How LANDex works.
  2. How to implement LANDex in your country.
  3. How to use LANDex results, including for SDG reporting.


  • Ward Anseeuw - Knowledge, Learning and Innovation Manager, ILC
  • Eva Hershaw - Land Monitoring and Data Specialist, ILC
  • Dharm Raj Joshi - NES Nepal, CSRC
  • Odnoo Odonchimeg - MLMA

How to register

In order to register for any of these webinars, please send an email to Clara Lapeyre at and indicate:

  • the webinar you want to join
  • your name
  • your organisation

Before the webinar, you will be sent the ZOOM link to join and further instructions.

Webinars will only be conducted in English. Click here for more info.