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The land question: Land concentration and the agricultural land moratorium in Ukraine

Author: Mykhailo Amosov

Published: 2019

Source: Ecoaction

For nearly thirty years, the question of land reform has occupied Ukrainians. The current stalemate on land policy seems unbreakable. This article, by Mykhailo Amosov from our Eastern Europe Regional Focal Point, Ecoaction, considers how the ‘land question’ has developed over …

Greener Pastures For Ukrainian Farmers? Zelenskiy Plows Ahead With Land Reform

Author: Tony Wesolowsky

Published: 2019

Source: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

With some of the world's most nutrient-packed soil, Ukraine has long been considered "the breadbasket of Europe". But since the collapse of communism, buying and selling the country's chornozem, or black earth, has been banned, amid fears that the wealthy …

România profilul țării

Un profil detaliat al țarii, la capitolul achizițiilor de terenuri pe scară largă în România, este disponibil atât în limba engleză, cât și în limba română, precum și o hartă interactivă care detaliază încheierea de contracte de terenuri agricole în țară.

  • Descărcați profilul țării în limba Engleză
  • Descărcați profilul țării …

Romania country profile

A detailed country profile of large-scale land acquisitions in Romania is available in both English and Romanian, as well as an interactive map detailing concluded agricultural land deals in the country.

One of the …

Romania interactive map

This interactive map details all concluded agricultural land deals in Romania.

Download the map here.