What are the effects of large-scale land acquisitions in Africa on selected economic and social indicators?


Authors: Dr Regina Neudert and Dr Lieske Voget-Kleschin
Published: 2021

In the Global South, the demand for fertile land has resulted in international investors making large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs). Africa is by far the most targeted continent in this respect. According to the Land Matrix, 37% of the global number of deals and 34% of the globally acquired land for agricultural purposes is located in Africa. The aim of this report is to review the existing knowledge on the microeconomic and social effects of LSLAs in sub-Saharan Africa by comparing them with data from small-scale farming. To ensure that the reviewed knowledge is based on factual evidence, the report focuses mainly on studies that report primary data and meet scientific standards, i.e. on studies with a thorough documentation of data collection and analysis and neutral, traceable presentation of evidence.

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