Research into impacts of agricultural land concentration on Ukrainian environment and society

Authors: Evheniia Maruniak, Serhii Lisovskyi, Oleksandr Holubtsov, Viktor Chekhnii, Yurii Farion, and Mykhailo Amosov
Published: 2021
Source: Center for Environmental Initiatives Ecoaction

Generally, the term ‘land concentration’ is used to denote large-scale purchases or leasing of agricultural land, predominantly by private and public investors and agribusinesses in order to manufacture agricultural products. In quantitative terms, ‘land concentration’ should be understood as concentration of significant tracts of land in the ownership of one or more individuals or legal entities.

This research aims to objectively analyse the process of land concentration in Ukraine, its driving factors, and the changes that occur in rural areas as a result of the activities of agricultural holdings. The findings will be used to inform the identification of prospects as well as to make recommendations for the regulation of the land market and the formation of a relevant sectoral policy.

Read the full report here.

Land concentration in Ukraine research.png

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