Latin America Outreach Campaign: “Land Grabbing from the inside”

2020-10-30 Latin America

“Land Grabbing from the inside” -- Who is involved? What are the consequences? Why is it so difficult to fight?

Throughout the month of November, Land Matrix LAC, in collaboration with the ILC LAC, will be carrying out an exciting Outreach Campaign to explore the issue of land grabbing in Latin America and the Caribbean with the aim of highlighting this important issue and investigating ways to mitigate its impact on peasants, indigenous people, and people of African descent in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We look forward to your support in expanding the reach of the campaign!

High impact content

Throughout the month of November, Land Matrix LAC will be posting a series of high-impact messages and videos on its website and social media platforms about the social and environmental effects of land grabbing, its impacts, and some ways to mitigate them.

Details will be posted on:


During the campaign, a series of webinars will also be held on Friday 13, 20 and 30 November at 12pm (GMT-3) at which the following experts will address the issues and challenges that revolve around land grabbing:

  • Six researchers from the following institutes: Conicet (Argentina) / OE (Colombia) / OUOT (Honduras) / SIPAE (Ecuador) / IOB (Belgium)
  • Six universities: Universidad Javeriana Colombia / Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina / Universidad de Quito Ecuador / Universidad de Salta Argentina / Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras / University of Antwerp Belgium
  • Six global partners and 10 regional collaborators: FUNDAPAZ / ILC / ENI Nicaragua / INENCO / SIPAE / CONICET / OUOT Honduras / Proccasur Chile / CIRAD / SABIA / University of Pretoria / GIGA / GIZ / ECOACTION / AFA / Observation of Ethnic Territories

Keep following the Land Matrix LAC website and social media channels for news and updates about the campaign, and find out more about the campaign in Spanish here.


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