Country profile: Paraguay

Although Paraguay boasts high biodiversity in all its six eco-regions, in the last five decades, it has lost almost 90% of its original forest cover due to the expansion of agricultural and livestock activities, particularly in the Chaco region. This expansion has also generated multiple conflicts over land tenure between large local and foreign producers on one side, and indigenous and peasant communities on the other. Indeed, Paraguay has the distinction of having the greatest land inequality in all of Latin America, with clashes over land often resulting in violence and the displacement, or even, death of some community members. This country profile presents a detailed description of LSLAs in Paraguay based on data extracted from the Land Matrix website using regional filters. In certain cases, deals meeting different criteria to the global database were included, in particular those with a domestic scope. Deals for agricultural, forestry, and many other intended purposes were included, but those for gas, oil, and mining operations were excluded. It is important to note, therefore, that applying different filters on the Paraguay country page may generate a different data set to the one used for this country profile.

Download the Paraguay country profile here.

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