Investors are neglecting good practice principles in land - and threatening indigenous people’s land rights, rain forests, and ultimately the climate

Only 29% of land investments in main forest basin countries* show a satisfactory level of compliance with the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure (VGGTs).

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Low transparency and the dire state of investment information

Despite 10 years of data collecting efforts worldwide, the land investment cases in main forest basin countries show the constant dire state of transparency surrounding these investments and investors; 35% of the investments do not have sufficient data to be assessed, making effective monitoring of land and human rights, as well as environmental issues, impossible.

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Respect of legitimate local tenure rights, especially tenure of local communities and indigenous peoples, reflects the lowest compliance rates – jeopardising these populations and their territories’ stewardship role with regard to forests and the climate.

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* Brazil, Cameroon, CAR, Colombia, DRC, and Indonesia

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