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Large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs) in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) are part of a long history of appropriation of land and natural resources by external actors, and have led to wide deforestation and expansion of agricultural “frontiers”, following a development model based on the production of agricultural commodities for external markets. This pattern of agribusiness reduces local food sovereignty and increases dependence on external stakeholders, such as marketing companies, technology providers, and transnational producers of agrochemicals.

Latin America Regional Focal Point 

The Latin America Regional Focal Point (RFP), hosted by the Foundation for Development in Justice and Peace (FUNDAPAZ), supports the Land Matrix Initiative on regional-level data collection, research, policy, advocacy, networking, and communication, as well as the establishment of National Land Observatories (NLO), scaling-up of initiatives, and creating momentum for change.

FUNDAPAZ works in collaboration with the Research Institute on Renewable Energy (INENCO), and is in charge of networking and dissemination activities, while INENCO focuses on data collection, report writing, and communication with regional partners and global initiatives.


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Punto Focal América Latina boletín

En este último número del boletín del Punto Focal América Latina, contamos con actualizaciones sobre las actividades en la región, incluyendo:

  • Nuevas grandes transacciones de tierras en América Latina
  • Land Matrix en el Encuentro de Geógrafos de Amércia Latina, Ecuador
  • Encuentro de mujeres rurales de Ecuador
  • Encuentro provincial de organizaciones campesinas e indígenas del Norte Argentino
  • Indicadores de sustentabilidad a escala predial y de paisaje
  • Land Matrix en las universidades locales
  • Grandes transacciones de tierras y agua virtual
  • Pueblos Indígenas y GTT en el Noroeste Argentino

Lea el boletín aquí.

LAFP newsletter

In this latest issue of the Latin America Focal Point newsletter, we feature updates on activities in the region, including:

  • New large-scale land acquisitions in Latin America
  • Land Matrix at the XVII Meeting of Latin American Geographers, Ecuador
  • Meeting of Rural Women from Ecuador
  • Provincial meeting of peasants and indigenous organizations of Northern Argentina
  • Sustainability - Indicators at farm and landscape scale
  • Land Matrix at the local Universities
  • Virtual water and LSLA
  • Indigenous communities and LSLA in Northwest of Argentina

Read the newsletter here.

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The Land Matrix LAC has developed a dynamic new Spanish-language website dedicated to exploring actions that mitigate the social and environmental effects of large transactions and improve access to land by indigenous populations in the region.

Visit for more!

Use customisable filters to explore the web-based geographic information systems (GIS) map for information about land deals from global down to regional and country level.

Search the dataset through pre-configured entry points where deals have been grouped by common shared attributes (such as nature of investment, region, or investor), filter information according to your line of interest, or drill down to single deals where you can provide feedback and start a discussion through comments.

Generate your own downloadable infographics using a wide selection of charts to illustrate information about deals, such as the global flow of transnational land acquisitions, the total size and number of deals, and a breakdown of deals according to sector and interest. 

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News and Publications

Ten years of contested enforcement of the Forest Law in Salta, Argentina: The role of land-change science and political ecology

Authors: AGJ Salas Barboza, JM Cardón Pocoví, C Venencia, LL Huaranca, JL Agüero, MA Iribarnegaray, M Escosteguy, JN Volante & L Seghezzo

Published: 2019

Source: Journal of Land Use Science

In this study, the authors present a critical account of the enforcement of the Forest Law in the Province of ...

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Argentina country profile

This detailed country profile presents the Land Matrix data for large-scale land acquisitions in Argentina.

Download it here.

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Fiebre por la tierra. Debates sobre el land grabbing en Argentina y América Latina

Compiladora: Agostina Costantino

Publicado: 2019

Fuente: Editorial El Colectivo

En este libro nos proponemos discutir la magnitud, implicancias, trayectoria y características que ha tenido el acaparamiento de tierras en Argentina y en la región en los últimos años. Nos encontramos economistas, sociólogos, politólogos, historiadores, geógrafos, biólogos y ecólogos para que ...

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