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We have enhanced the presentation of our data! You will now find new simplified and easy-to-use filters on the left of the page, a concise overview of the data on the right, and an improved map, table, and charts in the centre.

Please note: We are still refining our data model, filters, aggregations, and investor network, and thus errors in the presentation of the data may occur. We therefore recommend using scrutiny when downloading data at this time.

To verify data or report errors please contact our Data Coordinator at data@landmatrix.org. For more about how we define deals and how data is captured, analysed, and used, browse our FAQs.

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This interactive graph shows the global flow of transnational land acquisitions. Clicking on a single country shows its threads in the global pattern: blue lines for inbound investments, orange for outbound. Country names marked with * have been shortened to improve legibility
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