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10 June 2013

Land Matrix partnership launches second phase of its Global Observatory on large scale land acquisitions

Dynamic public interface promotes greater transparency in land investments

Bern/Hamburg/Montpellier/Rome (10 June 2013) The Land Matrix partnership today launches the second phase of the Global Observatory on large scale land acquisitions. The Land Matrix Global Observatory is a tool that promotes transparency in land transactions and supports open data and open source communities focused on land deals. The thoroughly updated dataset allows tracking of large scale land acquisitions, from negotiation to implementation.

Since the launch of the Beta version in April 2012, the Land Matrix partnership has received a substantial number of reactions, most of which expressed appreciation for the initiative, though some noted concerns. It provides valuable lessons on the challenges and successes of promoting open data on practices that are often shrouded in secrecy and have led to improving the Land Matrix and its database. Madiodio Niasse, Director of the International Land Coalition (ILC) Secretariat noted, “We have taken all comments that we have received very seriously, and we thank those who have contributed.”