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14 June 2016

Updates from the Latin America Focal Point

Focus: Nicaragua Grand Interoceanic Canal

The Latin America Focal Point of the Land Matrix, Fundapaz, published a newsletter on their latest activities. Here is a summary of the contents: 

  • Focus: Nicaragua Grand Interoceanic Canal 
  • Updating of existing deals in Latin America 
  • New land deals of uploaded to the database 
  • Contribution to LM Analytical Report: global grains market 
  • A Swiss intern joins the team

A Spanish version of the newsletter is available here: 

Boletin - Mayo 2016 Land Matrix Punto Focal America Latina

Website of Fundapaz

Icon Newsletter Latin America Focal Point - MAY 2016 (469.0 KB)

26 November 2015

Newsletter November 2015

Icon Land Matrix November 2015 Newsletter (490.4 KB) IN THIS NEWSLETTER: 
  •  Data overview 
  •  The LMI implements its decentralization process 
    • Within the framework of decentralization, the LMI is engaging in three core activities:Establishment of a project support unit, Launch of the African Large-Scale Land Acquisitions (LSLA) portal — LANDobs, Continuous support for the establishment of decentralized, mainly national, observatories
  •  News from the regions 
  • Data trends and dynamics: data consolidation and continued trend of project implementation — challenges remain

03 September 2015

Phase 1 Final Newsletter

Latin America focal point
Icon Phase I Final Newsletter Land Matrix-LAFP.pdf (1005.7 KB)

This newsletter summarizes the work done by the Land Matrix Latin America Focal Point (LM - LAFP) during Phase I of this project, which started in August, 2014 and ends on July 31, 2015. This newsletter complements the information contained in previous newsletters.

The Land Matrix is a global and independent land monitoring initiative that promotes transparency and accountability in decisions over land and investment. Land deals can be outright purchases, leases, or other land use contracts and agreements. They must be made after the year 2000, cover more than 200 hectares, and involve some sort of land use change.

FUNDAPAZ (Fundación para el Desarrollo en Justicia y Paz), member of the International Land Coalition (ILC) and the Latin American Network of Land Observatories (Red Territorios Visibles) is currently in charge of the LM-LAFP.

The technical team responsible for uploading and analyzing data on large land acquisitions is coordinated by the Research Institute on Renewable Energy (INENCO), a research center belonging to the Argentinian system of science and technology. The Red Territorios Visibles is coordinated by CEPES (Peruvian Center of Social Studies). The Research and Development Institute NITLAPAN of the Nicaraguan Central American University (UCA) is also part of the LM-LAFP consortium.

29 October 2014

Land Matrix Newsletter n.3 - October 2014

Land Matrix is decentralizing and expanding its network with new regional focal points

In view of enhancing the quality of the Land Matrix (LM)
database, but also to increase its impact on policy-dialogue, the LM is presently involved in a process of decentralisation and expansion of  its networks. As a result of a call for interest launched in February 2014 five regional focal points have been selected and will support the LM on regional level data collection, research, policy advocacy and networking and communication. Our experience in the last two years (see box 1 for some insights from Africa), has shown that the process of decentralisation is essential in order to promote transparency and accountability in decisions over land and investment and improve data quality. Nonetheless, quality control and overall coordination is still necessary in order to guarantee consistency and compliance with LM criteria.  

Icon Land Matrix Newsletter n.3 - October 2014 (249.6 KB)

20 January 2014

Land Matrix Newsletter n.2 - January 2014

The way forward and updated data analysis

The Land Matrix Initiative welcomes the new year with the second Newsletter. In this issue, we give an overview of our plans for the future, and provide an analysis of current trends and statistics in the dataset. 

The issues covered are:

  • Complementing the Global Observatory with decentralized observatories
  • From observation to inclusive decision-making and accountability
  • Data trends: Ongoing demand for land
  • Dynamics: Implementation ongoing but still slow
  • Targets and former land use
  • Drivers of Large-Scale Land Acquisitions 

You can download the newsletter here:  Icon Land Matrix Newsletter n.2 - January 2014 (621.1 KB)

11 June 2013

Land Matrix newsletter n.1 - June 2013

A closer look at the evolution of the platform and a first analysis of current data

The Land Matrix partnership has published its first newsletter, taking a closer look at the data, current trends and indicators related to Large-Scale Land Acquisitions emerging from the Global Observatory platform. 

This first issue also expands on the progress and lessons learned since the launch of the Beta version in 2012, framing it as an open development tool to invite broader stakeholder engagement and promote transparency and accountability in land-related issues.

Download the Newsletter here: Icon Land Matrix quarterly newsletter n.1 - June 2013 (827.9 KB)