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23 February 2018

Romania Country Profile

Large-scale land acquisitions in Romania

Through collecting data on large-scale land transactions, the Land Matrix increases transparency to foster accountability of investors and other parties involved in large-scale land transactions. The Land Matrix aims to contribute in an innovative and relevant way to the growing movement towards open development - allowing for greater public involvement in critical decisions that affect the lives of land-users around the world.
The Land Matrix Regional Focal Point for Eastern Europe, the Ukrainian “Center for Environmental Initiatives Ecoaction”, developed a detailed profile of large-scale land acquisitions in Romania both in English and in Romanian.
Please read more to download the Country Profiles and note that Land Matrix Country Profiles do not necessarily cover all large-scale land acquisitions in a particular country.

One of the main objectives of the Country Profiles is to improve the quality of the data by receiving feedback as well as more extensive information from our users.
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