Land Matrix Newsletter n.2 - January 2014

The way forward and updated data analysis

20 January 2014

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The Land Matrix Initiative welcomes the new year with the second Newsletter. In this issue, we give an overview of our plans for the future, and provide an analysis of current trends and statistics in the dataset. 

The issues covered are:

  • Complementing the Global Observatory with decentralized observatories
  • From observation to inclusive decision-making and accountability
  • Data trends: Ongoing demand for land
  • Dynamics: Implementation ongoing but still slow
  • Targets and former land use
  • Drivers of Large-Scale Land Acquisitions 

Correction (9, February 2014): It came to the attention of the Land Matrix partnership that there was a calculation error in the top ten target country statistics when this newsletter was published in January. Consequently, this newsletter has been updated with revised calculations, as well as altered data that has changed since its publication in January. For further details please contact