The Online Public Database on Land Deals

The Land Matrix is a global and independent land monitoring initiative that promotes transparency and accountability in decisions over land and investment. 

This website is our Global Observatory - an open tool for collecting and visualising information about large-scale land acquisitions. 

The data represented here is constantly evolving; to make this resource more accurate and comprehensive, we encourage your participation.

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Coming soon. Not long now till we launch our revamped platform with improved interactive database, maps and charts! Visit our Beta site at for a taste of what’s to come!

Data is at the core of our project, but numbers alone can't tell a good story. These interactive visualizations are here to help you grasp the phenomenon of large-scale land acquisitions. Through them, we try to provide answers to questions such as how much land we're talking about, who's buying where, how much of the land is used for growing food, etc.

Delve into our dataset and create your own narrative. You can start from pre-configured entry points where deals have been grouped by common shared attributes such as nature of investment, region or investor. Customize your research by filtering information according to your line of interest, and drill down to single deals where you can provide feedback and start a discussion through comments.

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Collecting information about land deals is a long and difficult process. The information is hard to find and even harder to confirm through independent sources. Do you have information about land deals in your country? Can you confirm or update information we already have? Do you have ideas for new visualizations, or want to make your own? Help us grow.

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