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Location #1

Spatial accuracy level
Approximate location
Pampa de los Guanacos, Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Target country
Comment on location
The area corresponds to Lot A-1 and A-2, an integral part of a larger area called Colonia Pampa de los Guanacos, Copo Department, province of Santiago del Estero.

Land area

Size under contract (leased or purchased area, in ha)
[2018-12-17] 2322
Comment on land area
The area corresponds to Lot A-1 and Lot A-2, with 1157 and 1165 hectares respectively. adding a total of 2322 hectares.

Intention of investment

Intention of investment
[2018-12-17] Land speculation (2322 ha)

Nature of the deal

Nature of the deal
Outright Purchase
Comment on nature of the deal
The government of the province of Santiago del Estero as an award for direct sale, delivers these lands to businessman Cantos Jose María.

Negotiation status

Negotiation status
[2018-12-17] Concluded (Contract signed)

Purchase price

Purchase price currency
Argentine Peso ($)
Purchase price area type
for specified area
Comment on purchase price
the total price of the sale of the properties resulting from the determination made by the Provincial Valuation Commission according to market value updated on the date of signing the contract, may be paid by the awardee in the following manner: a) in cash within the 30 days following the signing of the contract; or b) in fifteen annual and consecutive installments, which will include a compensatory interest on balances, which will be calculated according to the passive rate of the Banco de la Nación Argentina. The 1/15 installment must be effective thirty days after the signing of the contract. Adjudication in direct sale, and quotas sold on the same day of the same month, of subsequent years.

Contract #1

Contract number
Official Gazette No. 21302
Comment on contract
Official Gazette of Santiago del Estero, No. 21302 DECREE No. 2785/2018

Operating company

Operating company


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Data source #1

Data source type
Government sources

Data source #2

Data source type
Media report
Publication title
Cuando “Los Cantos” no son de sirenas sino de millones

Former land owner (not by constitution)

Former land owner

Dec. 20, 2019, 9:09 p.m.


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