Deal #5274

Location #1

Spatial accuracy level
Administrative region
Quỳ Châu District, Nghe An, Vietnam

Target country
Comment on location
communes Chau Nga, Chau Hoi

Land area

Size under contract (leased or purchased area, in ha)
[2008] 861
Comment on land area
Chau Nga commune: 610, Chau Hoi Commune: 251.

Intention of investment

Intention of investment
Timber plantation (for wood and fibre)
Comment on intention of investment
Plant acacia

Nature of the deal

Nature of the deal

Negotiation status

Negotiation status
[2008] Concluded (Contract signed)
Comment on negotiation status
The land was transferred in 2008.

Implementation status

Implementation status
In operation (production)

Contract #1

Contract number
Contract date
Duration of the agreement (in years)

Operating company

Name of investment project
Quy Chau Forest Plantation


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Data source #1

Data source type
Company sources
Comment on data source
Vietnamese source (provided by the company) is the only source that describes the investment project.

Data source #2

Data source type
Company sources

Displacement of people

Number of people actually displaced

Promised benefits for local communities

Promised benefits for local communities
Comment on promised benefits for local communities
Social, economic and environmental targets.

Former land owner (not by constitution)

Former land owner

Former land use

Former land use

Former land cover

Former land cover
Forest land
Shrub land/Grassland (Rangeland)
Other land (e.g. developed land – specify in comment field)

Detailed crop, animal and mineral information

Crops area

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