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Deal #5130

Location #1

Spatial accuracy level
Administrative region
Nsele, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Target country
Congo, Dem. Rep.

Land area

Intended size (in ha)
Size under contract (leased or purchased area, in ha)
[2010] 540
Size in operation (production, in ha)
[2011] 10
Comment on land area
ZTE got a 600ha concession, but 60 ha would be designated for an agriculture technology demonstration centre and 540ha for this project. Crops were stolen.

Intention of investment

Intention of investment
Food crops, Agriculture unspecified

Nature of the deal

Nature of the deal
Comment on nature of the deal
5 year renewable agreement

Negotiation status

Negotiation status
[2010] Concluded (Contract signed)
Comment on negotiation status
ZTE signed an accord with the Ministry of Agriculture to produce rice, oil palm, corn and soy at N’sele.

Implementation status

Implementation status
[2010] Startup phase (no production)
[2011] In operation (production)
Project abandoned
Comment on implementation status
Construction was completed in 21 months.

Contract farming

Contract farming

Contract #1

Duration of the agreement (in years)

Operating company

Operating company
Comment on investment chain


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Data source #1

Data source type
Other (Please specify in comment field)
Comment on data source
Book: Will China Feed Africa? Brautigam, D. 2015

Data source #2

Data source type
Research Paper / Policy Report
Comment on data source
Data: Chinese Agricultural Investments in Africa

Displacement of people

Comment on displacement of people
Community members were living on the farm despite the fact that it was a government farm.

Promised or received compensation

Promised compensation (e.g. for damages or resettlements)
No compensation.

Former land owner (not by constitution)

Former land owner
Comment on former land owner
N’sele farm is a presidential farm

Detailed crop, animal and mineral information

Crops area
Corn (Maize), Oil Palm, Peanut (groundnut), Rice, Soya Beans

Use of produce

Has domestic use

Overall comment

Overall comment
ZTE has another case in DRC- #1984

Aug. 17, 2020, 1:49 p.m.


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