Deal #4484

Location #1

Spatial accuracy level
Administrative region
Kabale, Uganda

Target country
Comment on location
Bigungiro village, Bubare sub-county

Land area

Intended size (in ha)
Size under contract (leased or purchased area, in ha)
[2013] 5
Size in operation (production, in ha)
[2013] 5
Comment on land area
Plan to increase the current size under contract, however this is not specified

Intention of investment

Intention of the investment
Food crops

Nature of the deal

Nature of the deal

Negotiation status

Negotiation status
[2013] Concluded (Contract signed)

Implementation status

Implementation status
[2013] In operation (production)

Contract farming

Contract farming

Number of domestic jobs created

Jobs created (domestic)
Planned employees (domestic)
Comment on jobs created (domestic)
Pays Shs150 000 per month

Operating company

Operating company


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Data source #1

Data source type
Media report
Comment on data source
Daily Monitor, pg11

Promised benefits for local communities

Promised benefits for local communities
Productive infrastructure (e.g. irrigation, tractors, machinery...)
Comment on promised benefits for local communities
Seedlings and irrigation for the community gardens

Detailed crop, animal and mineral information

Crops area
Passion fruit

Use of produce

Has domestic use
Domestic use

In country processing of produce

In country processing of produce
Comment on in country processing of produce
Juice processing plant to open in 2016, plans to set up refrigerated warehouses to reduce wastage

Water extraction envisaged

Water extraction envisaged

Source of water extraction

Comment on source of water extraction
22000 liter tank to collect water, drip irrigation with the use of mineral water bottles

Oct. 3, 2014, 4:26 p.m.


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