Deal #4483

Location #1

Spatial accuracy level
Administrative region
Bugolobi, Kampala, Uganda

Target country
Comment on location
Nakawa Central Forest Reserve, Spring Road

Land area

Intended size (in ha)
Size under contract (leased or purchased area, in ha)
[2008] 3
Comment on land area
2.5 hectares

Intention of investment

Intention of the investment
Comment on intention of investment
Was supposed to compose of a timber drying plant and artisan training center however the company erected a supermarket and car bond (different activities from the lease).

Nature of the deal

Nature of the deal
Outright Purchase
Comment on nature of the deal
It began as a lease concession, however with political mobilisation the company was able to obtain the title deed for the land

Negotiation status

Negotiation status
[2008] Concluded (Contract signed)
[2013] Failed (Contract cancelled)
Comment on negotiation status
The company has breached the tenancy agreement. The National Forestry Authority filed a civil suit against the company in March 2014. The forest authority terminated the contract in September 2013, due to tenancy agreement breaches and failure to pay the outstanding annual license fee.

Implementation status

Implementation status
[2008] In operation (production)
Comment on implementation status
The company has continued occupation and utilisation of the land after the cancellation of the contract.

Contract farming

Contract farming

Contract #1

Duration of the agreement (in years)

Operating company


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Data source #1

Data source type
Media report
Comment on data source
Hoovers company information

Data source #2

Data source type
Media report
Comment on data source
New Vision newspaper, pg 10

Data source #3

Data source type
Media report
Comment on data source
Daily Monitor- Investor tricks NFA, acquires prime city land

Former land owner (not by constitution)

Former land owner
Comment on former land owner
National Forest Authority owned the land

Former land use

Former land use
Comment on former land use
City land

Former land cover

Former land cover
Marginal land

Oct. 3, 2014, 3:49 p.m.


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