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ID Target country Top investors Intention of investment Negotiation status Implementation status Deal size
15 Cambodia
Amira Nature Foods Ltd
Intended (Under negotiation) Project not started 25,000
355 Pakistan
Al Dahra Agricultural Company
Concluded (Contract signed) Startup phase (no production) 1,295
360 Pakistan
Al Qudra Holding
Intended (Expression of interest) None 0
365 Pakistan
Government of the United Arab Emirates
Intended (Memorandum of understanding) Project not started 150,000
367 Pakistan
Shaikh Zaid Bib Nahyan of Abu Dhabi
None None 0
369 Pakistan
Group of private and public firms
None None 0
381 Pakistan
Pan Energy Developing Company (PEDCO)
Bin Daen Group of Dubai
Concluded (Oral Agreement) In operation (production) 8,200
399 Philippines
Government of the United Arab Emirates
Intended (Under negotiation) None 3,000
500 Thailand
Al Qudra Holding
Failed (Negotiations failed) Project abandoned 0
533 Vietnam
Al Qudra Holding
Intended (Expression of interest) Project not started 0
555 India
Al Qudra Holding
Saudi Greenhouse Management & Agriculture Marketing Company
Intended (Expression of interest) None 0
667 India
Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority
Penna Cement Industries Ltd (PCIL)
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 755
987 Romania
Pharos Financial Group
Miro Holdings International
Intended (Expression of interest) None 50,000
1172 Egypt, Arab Rep.
Al Dahra Holding LLC
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 42,000
1173 Egypt, Arab Rep.
Jenaan Investment
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 14,000
1174 Egypt, Arab Rep.
Failed (Negotiations failed) None 42,000
1186 Ethiopia
Jenaan Investment
Intended (Under negotiation) None 0
1402 Morocco
Al Qudra Holding
Intended (Memorandum of understanding) None 14,000
1405 Morocco
The Gulf Merchant Bank
Concluded (Contract signed) None 400
1652 Namibia
Al Dahra Agricultural Company
Namibia Development Corporation
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 220

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