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ID Target country Top investors Intention of investment Negotiation status Implementation status Deal size
1076 Colombia

Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 22,222
7933 Indonesia

Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 9,849
7975 Indonesia

Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 6,614
3916 Côte d'Ivoire
21st Century Energy
Intended (Expression of interest) None 0
4129 Philippines
A Brown Company Inc
Concluded (Oral Agreement) In operation (production) 1,354
1298 Ethiopia
A.B.S.A Biofuels PLC
Unnamed investor 187
Unnamed investor 188
Failed (Negotiations failed) None 30,020
1129 Côte d'Ivoire
Concluded (Contract signed) Startup phase (no production) 0
2057 Zambia
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 15,000
637 India
AHIMSA (All Human Integrated Meritorious Social Awareness)
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 2,754
4535 China
AMG Bioenergy Resources
Concluded (Contract signed) Project not started 875
1548 Mozambique
AVIA Spa (Aviam)
Mozambique Entrepreneurs
Concluded (Contract signed) Startup phase (no production) 10,000
3857 Ghana
Abellon CleanEnergy Ltd.
Intended (Expression of interest) None 10,000
4085 Philippines
Abengoa SA
Intended (Under negotiation) Project not started 50,000
505 Thailand
Acazis AG
Intended (Under negotiation) None 120,000
3814 Ethiopia
Adama Development Plc
Concluded (Contract signed) Project not started 18,516
1255 Ethiopia
Africa Ethiopia Biomass Energy PLC
Concluded (Contract signed) Startup phase (no production) 2,000
1292 Ethiopia
African Climate Exchange PLC
Unnamed investor 183
Intended (Under negotiation) None 100,000
3437 Senegal
Afrique Énergies Nouvelles
Concluded (Contract signed) None 11,000
1167 Congo, Rep.
Agri SA
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 50,000
413 Philippines
Agricultural Department of the Guangxi Zuang Autonomous Region (ADGZAR)
Concluded (Contract signed) None 40,000

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