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ID Target country Top investors Intention of investment Negotiation status Implementation status Deal size
688 India
Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation Ltd
--------- In operation (production) 0
8010 Philippines
Tampakan Group of Companies (TGC)
Change of ownership In operation (production) 26,501
4327 Malawi
Paladin Energy Ltd
Change of ownership Startup phase (no production) 5,550
8357 India
Jharkhand Urja Vikas Nigam
Change of ownership Project not started 0
8059 Indonesia
PT Sentosa Prima Agro (SPA)
Change of ownership In operation (production) 3,139
8347 India
NTPC Limited
Change of ownership In operation (production) 1,201
3033 Mozambique
Failed (Contract cancelled) None 17,000
3739 Zambia
Biomass Development Plc
Wuhan Kaidi
Failed (Contract cancelled) Project abandoned 4,000
7333 Cambodia
Chan Roth Group
Failed (Contract cancelled) Project abandoned 63
7476 Cambodia
BSC Import Export Co. Ltd.
Failed (Contract cancelled) None 4,557
7493 Cambodia
Investment and Development Dai Nam (Cambodia) JSC Ltd.
Failed (Contract cancelled) None 8,685
7745 Ukraine
Petersen Nils
Failed (Contract cancelled) Project abandoned 39
5015 Liberia
B&V Timber Company
Failed (Contract cancelled) In operation (production) 5,000
5446 Liberia
Aissha and Mustapha (A&M) Enterprise Incorporated
Failed (Contract cancelled) In operation (production) 5,000
3835 Ethiopia
Saber Group
Failed (Contract cancelled) Startup phase (no production) 25,000
7964 Indonesia
Royal Golden Eagle International (RGE)
Failed (Contract cancelled) None 10,390
4354 Ghana
Unknown (3967)
Unknown (3966)
Failed (Contract cancelled) Project abandoned 22,000
686 India
Viraj Profiles Ltd
Failed (Contract cancelled) None 235
4269 Pakistan
The Abraaj Group
Failed (Contract cancelled) None 0
7352 Cambodia
Eastern Agro (Cambodia)
Failed (Contract cancelled) None 7,844

726 deals