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ID Target country Top investors Intention of investment Negotiation status Implementation status Deal size
1324 Ghana
Hazel Mercantile Ltd.
Concluded (Contract signed) Project abandoned 4,360
1337 Ghana
Bionic Group
Concluded (Contract signed) Startup phase (no production) 1,750
1425 Madagascar
Jatro Solutions
GreenIsland Madagascar
Concluded (Contract signed) Project abandoned 3,000
1535 Mozambique
Rift Valley Corporation
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 150,000
1572 Mozambique
BXR Group
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 10,000
1644 Malawi
Government of Djibouti
Failed (Negotiations failed) None 50,000
1645 Malawi
NEOS Resources PLC
Concluded (Contract signed) Project abandoned 7,000
1757 South Sudan
Nile Trading & Development
Mukaya Payam Cooperative
Failed (Negotiations failed) None 1,000,000
1891 Tanzania
NEOS Resources PLC
Intended (Under negotiation) Project abandoned 0
2282 Mozambique
Mauritius Ministry of Agro Industry
Failed (Negotiations failed) None 20,000
2388 Mozambique
Chicualacuala Agri-Farms, Limitada
Concluded (Contract signed) Project abandoned 11,000
3028 Mozambique
Nasseria Investments
Concluded (Contract signed) Project abandoned 3,000
3030 Mozambique
Olam International Ltd.
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 250
3031 Mozambique
Silvestria Utveckling AB
Chikweti Forests of Niassa, Sarl
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 8,789
3036 Mozambique
HK Jalan Group
African Timber and Farming Co
Concluded (Oral Agreement) In operation (production) 30,000
3039 Mozambique
Rizhao Sunway International
Concluded (Contract signed) Project not started 500
3156 Uganda
Norwegian Afforestation Group Uganda
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 3,199
3425 Ethiopia
Tekron Group
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 6,000
4569 Mongolia
Rio Tinto
Entree Gold
Erdenes Oyu tolgoi
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 39,807
4854 Romania
Jean Valvis
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 7,967

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