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ID Target country Top investors Intention of investment Negotiation status Implementation status Deal size
700 Argentina
Corfone SA
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 10,000
701 Argentina
Harriet S.A.
Concluded (Contract signed) Project not started 4,000
703 Argentina
Oscar Rubén Gauna
Concluded (Contract signed) Project not started 595
704 Argentina
Orlando Canido
Failed (Negotiations failed) None 500
706 Argentina
GoldCorp Inc
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 25,000
708 Argentina
Maxipetrol Petroleos de Occidente
JHP International Petroleum Engineering
New Times Energy Corporation
Concluded (Contract signed) Startup phase (no production) 300,000
709 Argentina
Shandong Gold Group
Concluded (Oral Agreement) Project abandoned 0
710 Argentina
Joseph Lewis
Concluded (Contract signed) Startup phase (no production) 15,000
717 Argentina
Grupo Burco
Concluded (Contract signed) Project not started 21,853
718 Argentina
Glencore Xstrata PLC
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 0
719 Argentina
Heilongjiang State Farms Beidahuang Group
Failed (Contract cancelled) Project not started 320,000
723 Argentina
A Grade Trading Ltda
China Metallurgical Group (CMG)
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 3,360
724 Argentina
La Suerte Agro SA
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 14,000
727 Argentina
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 468,000
729 Argentina
Sojitz Group
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 11,000
732 Argentina
Alkhorayef Group
Concluded (Contract signed) Project not started 200,000
734 Argentina
Ted Turner
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 38,000
736 Argentina
Bema Agri BV
Concluded (Oral Agreement) In operation (production) 1,000
737 Argentina
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 1,775
738 Bolivia
Cresud S.A.
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 16,255