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ID Target country Top investors Intention of the investment Negotiation status Implementation status Deal size
469 Philippines
Zabaleta & Co
Bronzeoak Group
Concluded (Contract signed) Project not started 5,000
6739 Philippines
Worldwide Agricultural Development Corporation (WADECOR)
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 486
484 Philippines
Wilmar International Ltd
Concluded (Oral Agreement) None 0
6768 Philippines
Uraya Farms Incorporated
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 84
6724 Philippines
Unifrutti International Holdings Ltd.
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 1,940
4113 Philippines
Tobishima Corporation
None None 0
6735 Philippines
Tagum Agricultural Development Company, Inc. (TADECO)
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 717
462 Philippines
Tabuk Agricultural Development Company (TADCO)
None None 0
412 Philippines
TVI Pacific Inc.
Concluded (Contract signed) Project abandoned 32,400
419 Philippines
Sun Warm Tuna Co.
Guangdong Guangyan Fishery Group Co. Ltd.
Concluded (Oral Agreement) None 0
3317 Philippines
Sumitomo Co.
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 14,000
6757 Philippines
Subasta Agricultural Corporation
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 85
6710 Philippines
Southern Negros Joint Venture Corporation
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 3,324
6760 Philippines
Soriano Fruits Corporation
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 85
6666 Philippines
Semirara Mining and Power Corporation
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 12,700
449 Philippines
San Miguel Corp.
Kuok Group
Intended (Under negotiation) None 1,000,000
6664 Philippines
San Miguel Corp.
Intended (Under negotiation) Project not started 2,500
451 Philippines
SR Metals, Inc.
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 506
6683 Philippines
SM Land Inc.
Concluded (Contract signed) In operation (production) 5,800
438 Philippines
SAFI Agro Industries Inc.
Intended (Under negotiation) None 50,000