The Argentina National Land Observatory (NLO) launched in June 2018, and is part of the Latin America Regional Focal Point (RFP), hosted by the Foundation for Development in Justice and Peace (FUNDAPAZ). In coordination with other organisations and observatories, the main objectives of the NLO are to improve the Land Matrix database through the identification of large-scale land acquisitions (LSLAs), carry out research about their social and environmental effects in Argentina, and make visible the land-grabbing phenomenon and its social, environmental and legal effects, as well as its relation with land access of rural and indigenous communities. The NLO aims to use the information to influence local and national policies, assist research institutions, such as universities, in their research, and resolve land conflicts. 

What are National Land Observatories?

NLOs are funded activities at country level. They initiate decentralised tasks and strive for more inclusive participation of local partners in collecting, managing, and reviewing land data, thereby promoting transparency and accountability in decision-making processes over land and investments in their countries.

NLOs are an important tool which:

  • Provide an opportunity for information-sharing and dialogue within existing multi-stakeholder platforms
  • Facilitate policy influence at national level (where most land governance decisions are made)

Are you interested in establishing a National Land Observatory in your country? Or are you part of an independent land governance structure or initiative that could benefit from our support? If so, we invite you to get in touch!

Paola Marozzi:

Find out more about LSLAs in Argentina through our map, dataset, and charts below. You can also download the Argentina country profile here.


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Use customisable filters to explore the web-based geographic information systems (GIS) map for information about land deals from global down to regional and country level.


Search the dataset through pre-configured entry points where deals have been grouped by common shared attributes (such as nature of investment, region, or investor), filter information according to your line of interest, or drill down to single deals where you can provide feedback and start a discussion through comments.


Generate your own infographics using a wide selection of charts to illustrate information about deals, such as the global flow of transnational land acquisitions, the total size and number of deals, and a breakdown of deals according to sector and interest. 

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